• Do you use the best possible process for business planning?

  • Are you hiring and retaining the best employees for the right job?

  • Is your marketing connecting with the right customers, with the right message, at the right time?

  • Are you maximizing your profits while delivering higher value?

  • Do you use proven processes and seamless systems to optimize your business?

  • Are you building value in your business toward a profitable exit strategy?

Management Challenges

Running a successful enterprise can be an incredibly daunting challenge. Which of the following areas are your top issues? Where do you need the most help?

Human Development

Are you having trouble finding and keeping quality, competent people?

Does the reason lie in who manages them or how they are trained; or how good your benefits are?

Would you like to know the proven approaches to hiring, retaining, training and managing the right people?

• Leadership & Management
• Training
• Benefits & Compensation
• Staffing/HR

Marketing & Sales

Do you have enough of the right customers? Is your sales production not up to your needs?

Find out how to attract the right high-margin customers and develop a sales system to keep the pipeline full.

• Market Understanding and Approach
• Identification of Target Customers
• Sales Approach

Strategy and Planning

Have you developed a plan for how to accomplish your vision for your company in the next year … the next five years … beyond? Would you get top dollar for your company if you sold in the near future?

Have you been working so hard IN your business that you have forgotten you should also be working ON your business? Stop expecting everyone to read your mind by documenting your plans and engaging the key people in your company in the process.

A successful machine shop owner in South Seattle told us in confidence that his vision was to turn the business over to his staff and spend his time on a fishing boat in Alaska. One year later he was on a fishing boat in Alaska, still owned the company, and got all the reports on how things were going.

If you are like most owners who wish to sell some or all of their business in the near future you probably think it is worth twice its appraised value.

Optimize all the areas of your company and you could get your estimated value or more.

• Strategic Business Planning
• Succession Planning
• Sale and Acquisitions
• Strategic Partnerships

Professional Services

Do your financial results match your strategic plan? Are your current CPA, Tax advisors, Personal Financial advisors, and Legal advisors all on the same page with your strategic plan?

Expensive professional services should not be at cross-purposes but aligned around your Strategic Plan for your company and all its stakeholders.

• Financial
• Personal Financial Planning
• Taxes/CPA/Cost Accounting
• Legal
• Appraisals
• Real Estate
• Insurance

Information Technology & Communications

Are your technology or communications systems holding your people back from doing an effective job?

True story: Imagine going into a propane gas company, filling up a few tanks with propane and then waiting for staff to fill out an antiquated sales form and another form to process your credit card, taking 15 minutes to complete a transaction as simple as buying a Starbucks Latte. The frustrated employee tells you: "The owner doesn't want to update the system."

They could literally service twice as many customers and double their sales if they utilized commonly available processing software.

• Software and Applications
• Network Architecture
• Security and Disaster Recovery
• Data Storage and Handling

Process Optimization

Are you catching all your mistakes before the customer does?

If your mistakes make it all the way to the customer before they are caught, not only do you lose the customer, but your costs to repair and replace the damage are quadrupled.

True Story: An Aerospace Company in Auburn WA made a mistake on their first order and it got all the way to Boeing before being discovered. All process areas were reviewed and optimized; Six-Sigma was implemented and quality inspections put in place that prevented a reoccurrence for three years.

• Facilities
• Equipment
• Capacity
• Quality
• Inspection
• Inventory
• Transportation

Who We Are

Success Optimizers is a partnership of companies that provide business owners and executives with a comprehensive suite of consulting, coaching, and professional services.

Success Optimizers also manages an Equity Fund. This fund is available to invest in the appropriate companies we work with. For example: to help them grow, move into associated products or services, make acquisitions, or sell part or all of their business.

Bert Holeton
Bert Holeton
Managing Partner, Success Optimizers LLC

In 1988, Mr. Holeton opened his own Aerospace Company, Western Honeycomb, and he turned it into a world class manufacturing operation. For over three years, Western Honeycomb led all Boeing vendors in quality, with the highest scores on the prestigious D1-9000 survey.

Mr. Holeton is Founder & CEO of The Mastermind Group, Inc. Since 1995, Mr. Holeton has consulted in 24 industries and with over one hundred companies ranging from start up to fortune 100. During this time he noticed certain philosophies, principles, processes, and people issues that were critical to the success of all organizations regardless of size, location, industry or purpose. He has converted much of this knowledge into tools, models, approaches and trainings to optimize all parts of his clients' business.

Joel R. Frank - MBA
Joel R. Frank - MBA
Managing Partner, Success Optimizers LLC

Joel Frank is the founder and President of Equilus Group Inc. and a Registered Investment Adviser with Equilus Group Inc.

Joel is driven by his passion to make a difference in each client’s life. He empowers people to achieve their financial goals by delivering proven solutions backed with 29 years of experience. Joel specializes in the areas of business capitalization, financial management, real estate capital formation, and estate planning. He co-owns and serves as the managing member of several real estate investments and management projects.

He comes from an agricultural background in Northeast Oregon where he was a respected business and financial consultant serving three governors on the Governor’s Advisory Council, primarily in the areas of economic and business development. Joel has an MBA and a Master's in Financial Capital Management (MCM). He has also taken agronomics courses from Cal Poly Ag Technical, and graduate business and finance courses from Wharton and Harvard through NYLIC University.

Joel is a registered and licensed investment adviser.


What We Do for You

We work with you to help you become aware of the best approaches to transform your business from early success to sustained success. We help you accomplish clarity of your vision for you and your business. We then help you to transition your company from where you are currently to your vision.

Event: The Decision Game

Success Optimizers is pleased to announce "The Decision Game" a two to four-hour in-person event. Also available in Zoom format if desired.

Discover how, as a business leader, to take the right actions, achieve the results you want, sustain organizational success, and make optimal decisions. Whether you are an owner, C-level executive, unit manager or team leader, this workshop will boost your results.

Download the flyer and schedule an event with us. Go to the “Engaging Success Optimizers” section and let us know your wishes. For larger organization that would like their leadership team to attend such an event, we provide a custom meeting tailored to their schedule and unique issues.

How We Work With You

Moving your current situation toward your vision usually requires you to overcome some critical issues. We help you identify these critical issues, prioritize them, and create a plan to resolve each one. We then help you to implement the plans. As we resolve and implement these issues we will discover many areas of your business that you would agree should be improved. We will then Optimize them with your team.

Watch Bert's second appearance on GWATA TV here!

Engaging Success Optimizers

If you would like to resolve any of these questions or set up an event, just pick up the phone, e-mail us, or complete the form below, to set up a no-cost meeting to discuss your unique circumstances.


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